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Kitty Ninja

Slash and purr your way to financial freedom with $KINJA

Project Intro

Kitty Ninja

From the shadows, a master of stealth and sabotage emerges, unleashing a feline frenzy upon any challenger that dares stand in its way. In a world of generic mutts, Kitty Ninja reigns supreme, safeguarding its title as the ultimate shinobi. Hack, slash and purr your way to financial freedom with $KINJA. Adorable, yet fierce, it will stop at nothing to to reach its homeland of Yuanbilyin - the one place it truly belongs.


Phase 1

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Phase 2

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Phase 3

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Total Supply

10 Million

Buy Tax 14%
Sell Tax 16%

Liquidity Locked for 3 Months

Coming Soon

NFT COllection

How to Buy


Install Metamask

Transfer $ETH to Metamask Wallet

Connect wallet to Uniswap

Copy paste $KINJA contract to swapper and swap for ETH


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